Friday, October 14, 2011

Yes, I'm totally stuck up

This is how I roll at work
As a general rule I'm a very busy person. I run multiple businesses with my partner as well as needing a lot of creative outlets to keep myself interested and inspired enough to run my businesses effectively. For me this is an incredibly stressful but positive and empowering thing, except for in one situation.

Whenever I'm talking with people, either online or in real life, and they ask me what I'm up to or how my day's going, no matter what I say I feel like it sounds like I'm showing off. I'm am excitable person but I'm not one who likes to brag, and I always worry that people think I'm trying to act like top shit.

Unless like recently when I was sick in bed for days, I currently spend my time organising and renovating things for my store opening, dealing with brands and designers, or traveling interstate to hold club nights. My 'free time' (I use the term loosely) I spend designing clothes, modeling, running around antique shops looking for shop fittings, getting ideas for new businesses and projects, and if I'm really lucky seeing friends or spending time with my fiance. Every now and then I find time to eat and sleep too!

This is honestly just my life, no sugar coating, but when people give me a look and say they went to work then had pizza I can't help but feel bad, like I'm trying to act like I'm better than them even though I'm really not. <

Does anyone else worry their actions or what they say are misunderstood sometimes? Ironically, I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago then forgot to upload it, and in that time a loli-secret was written about me regarding this very topic. I think its pretty lame to be honest, hence the title of this blog, and funnily enough I'm not so worried about it anymore. So thank you for all that additional peace of mind silly trolling anons, I'm just going to keep doing my thing and being better than you ;p

Hugs and love!
Saccharine xxx

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  1. Aww! Don't worry pretty, I have never felt that way about you. Well... maybe there's a bit of envy when you get to wear lolita most days, run a lolita store and have an amazing partner :) And pink hair. And are super cute~ >w<

    But I have never thought all of it came easy either. When you spoke with me at OzAsia, I was so surprised at how much work went into everything... I admire how strong you are so much. You have really inspired me to look more into what my personal dreams are, and to be more confident in my own skin.

    I'm sure some people don't understand, but that's their business. Keep rockin' Suzzie! *huggles*