Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pinkhead goes with everything

Gangster-lolita represent! 

A lot of people have one thing about themselves which defines their self-image, that they use to tell the rest of the world: "This is me." For me it's my hair. No matter what I'm doing or wearing, I like my hair to be perfect, and if it isn't I get really cranky and self conscious, and anything over a centimetre of regrowth has me wearing a hat 24/7. My fringe in particular, if it's not right it can ruin my whole day, it sounds silly but there you go.

I recently redyed my hair bright pink again, and I haven't felt so much like myself in a very long time. I bleached my hair back to blonde at the beginning of the year after losing my job due to depression, and it was kind of the symbol of me losing my way. Recently, it's like the harder I've been working on Tokyo Hardcore the more I've been proving that I'm myself again, and finally the hair is back to how it should be. My pink gets me a lot of stares and a lot of shit from randoms but I wouldn't change it for anything, it's the purest symbol of who I am and who I want to be. Just seeing a bit of pink out of the corner of my eye brings a smile to my face, and I treasure it.

Do you have anything that defines you, or is your armor against the world? A bit before taking the above picture an old lady on the tram laughed at me and told me I must actually be stupid  to wear this. The blatant rudeness of her comment aside, it just made me laugh. I think I'll take my fashion advice from someone NOT currently wearing cheap jeans and a daggy parka thank you very much! When I'm rocking my pink nothing can bring me down.

Hugs and love!!
Saccharine xxx


  1. Actually, I love wearing synthetics dreads. When I have it on my head, nothing is impossible for me xD. Sadly, I can't wear it every time, because of my job. And I need a job to be able to buy a lot and a lot of clothes...hahaha.But, if there is an event, a party, the most little occasion is good to wear my synthtics dreads again ! XXX
    ...and, sorry for my english, I'm french.

  2. Your english is great! ^___^
    I love synthetic dreads too, they're so much fun, you feel so amazing when you wear them! It's sad you can't wear them all the time, but at least you have a job so you can get plenty more pretty things to wear when you go to parties! <3

  3. I'm not too sure what defines me... possibly my hair as well, it's always been long, and I've always had a fringe. I can't see it any other way :'D
    I'm still working on my self confidence into becoming somewhat of a lifestyle lolita, but it is hard when people say crap that gets you down... you are definitely one of my idols, for the fact you can smile and be polite in the face of rudeness- and your accomplishments through hardship :)

    Hooray for your blog and new store! I'm so excited, >w<
    <3 Kat

  4. Pinnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkk <3 Gosh Id get so depressed if I had to colour my hair back to normal :C I dont care what anyone says I feel more normal with pink hair and its not ridiculous to be horribly sad about the thought of ever having to change that!

    Elisha <3

  5. Awww Kat, you are one of my favourite Adelaide lolitas, you're just such a sweet and kind person and you should never let silly people who don't matter upset you ;) <3

    And Elisha, I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels that way! Pinkheads forever! <3